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    EuResist - HIV therapy optimization
Integration of viral genomics with clinical data to predict response to anti-HIV treatment
    geno2pheno / Genafor
HIV/HBV/HCV drug resistance interpretation tool
   Stanford HIV Drug Resistance Database
HIV drug resistance tools from Stanford University
   Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database
The Los Alamos National Laboratory HIV sequence database
German HIV drug resistance interpretation
   bioafrica.net - Subtyping
Subtyping for popular viruses (e.g. Rega for HIV)
   NCBI - Subtyping
Subtyping for HIV, HBV, HCV, HTLV
   COMET - Subtyping
HIV Subtyping tool from CRP Luxembourg
   Wikipedia Links
List of sequence alignment software
   HIV Consensus Sequences
Consensus sequences from HIV sequence database
   EBI Help
Help pages from the European Bioinformatics Institute
   FDA - HIV Drugs
List of approved drugs for anti-HIV treatment
   Deutsche AIDS Gesellschaft
HIV site of the German AIDS Society
Klinische Chemie und Serologie
   Virologie Köln
Institut für Virologie der Universität zu Köln

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