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SAdr overview

You can download  SAdr BETA 0.6 32 bit (Windows XP/SP3, Vista or 7) here (SetupSAdr_0_6.exe   183,397 bytes   2012-02-12).

SAdr was written in VB.Net and compiled for the .Net framework 2.0 (part of Windows since WinXP SP2).

A new version with additional functions will be available before June 2013. Some of the new functions are: find duplicate entries, read CSV-files, duplicate entry (useful for family members).

Why yet another address management application?

There are dozens of address management systems, some of them even free and still with more functionality than SAdr.

The main reasons to write this application were: 1) Ok, the .mdb format is not as open as e.g. xml but it's not likely that MS Access will disapear in the next years.

The application is intended for private use and best suited for people familiar with Microsoft® Access. Access was chosen as preferred format because it's so trivial to work with.

This is a BETA version! There is absolutely no warranty at all, that this program will run as intended.

  1. The DB includes all fields commonly found in address books like those from Thunderbird, WAB (Windows Address Book or .contact), Android (Smartphone) contacts
  2. Export to vCard (.vcf), CSV or XML-file
  3. Zoom window with all phone numbers (so you can read them without glasses ;-))
  4. Scale and crop image to be included as contact thumbnail (with rotate and flip functions)
  5. Import of vCard (single or multiple entries) with detailed field sync
  6. Automatic detection of codepage also when using 'quoted-printable' encoding (so that Schülter is diplayed instead of Schülter or SchŸlter, René instead René and Conceição instead Conceição)

Although SAdr writes almost all fields to the vCard (including PHOTO, SORT-STRING, BDAY, CATEGORIES, REV and UID) it's not possible to use it at the moment to synchronize address books. Unfortunately every system I saw so far has some pitfalls:

Android (Version 2.3.5)
The UID tag is ignored. Importing the very same vCard twice results in a duplicate entry in Androids contact list.
The CATEGORIES tag is ignored so that group membership is lost.
Thunderbird (Version 9.0.1)
The HOME address is completely ignored (this bug is present in Thunderbird for many years).
The photo is ignored as well as messenger and group (categories).
Windows 7 (.contact)
As before UID, CATEGORIES and PHOTO are ignored.
There is no field for messenger.
SAdr was tested with vCards from: During the import to SAdr, a field comparison and check is possible providing this way a "sync" function. (Maybe I'll write an Android App as well, to provide a true synchronize function.


At the first start you must select a database. The default location for the SampleAdr.mdb is "My documents".

To zoom phone numbers from a contact, right-click on the contact list in the main window; to edit double-click.

... more help coming soon ...

        © 2012-2017 Eugen Schülter